The start of a micro adventure

Before this year my idea of camping involved a tent, sleeping and air bed. I would fill up the car and set off for a camp-site for the week or weekend. We had everything we need to be dry and warm. The local chip shop or pub was included to provide food and drink we needed if we couldn’t be bothered with the BBQ.

This idea of camping changed this year when a friend introduced me to Micro Adventures and Alastair Humphreys. And it changed right at the beginning of the year in January! We didn’t normally brave the tent until the summer. The plan was to do an adventure each month starting in January. It’s cold in the UK in January.

microadventure-calendar-1600x1131 (1)

So we agreed a couple of location near to home and I pulled together what kit I had from camping, 2 sleeping bags, one of the kids roll mats (mine had gone to the bin last year), base layers and extra jumpers into a rucksack. I borrowed a bivy bag and we headed out.

The first location was let down by the very quiet pub. It was us and the landlord who was watching Rocky on the Television. We finished our drinks and headed to the second location (pub). That one was closed for a private party. Things weren’t looking good!

We braved on and after a visit to the local shop headed off to some woods over looking our home town and found a spot near some woods. I wore everything I had and both sleeping bags inside the bivy bag and was very warm all night despite it getting down to -6°C during the night.


Breakfast was coffee and porridge before heading home for the normal “day”. It just shows what you can do with some determination and some basic kit.