Studland, Dorset – February 2016 Microadventure

I decided to skip January but was refreshed and ready for another wildcamp night out. We’ve been to the coast and a lovely area in Dorset.


We had found some woods on the map but wanted to check them out before night time to make sure they were suitable and out of freezing cold wind. After a good walk we found a good spot and headed to the local pub for a few pints, dinner and the rugby.


Once it was dark we headed back to our spot in the woods and got our beds ready. I’ve brought a new matt – Alpkit Dirtbag and it was really comfortable. It takes up twice as much space as my Numo but it was worth it for a comfortable night. I’ll save the Numo for the bike-packing adventures.

The woods we were in was covered with wild garlic so by the morning we were infused!

It was pretty cold and still very windy in the morning at sunrise. It was still quite cloudy so we did get much of a sunrise. But still had an amazing view.






A year of Microadventures ( bit of a catchup from last year)

I’ve been a bit slack on keeping my blogs updated at the end of last year. We did complete the year of Microadventures! What an experience.

microadventure 2015 year

October in a different local woods.

November we rode up to Greenham common and had a wet and windy night without much sleep

December was a Christmas special with a fire, chestnuts, mulled wine, a barrel of homebrew and some light sabres! Well Star Wars was in the Cinema.




Now onto 2016!



Orchard Woods May Microadventure

Tim and I had a wedding to photography during the day and decided to stay over somewhere close to the wedding afterwards and enjoy a few beers. Some of the wedding guests were local and recommended a wood at the top of the hill. So once the wedding had finished we changed out of suits and into something for walking, pick up our rucksacks and headed up the hill. We found the suggested woods and setup camp.







Greenham Common – April Microadventure

My kit has had an update of a new sleeping bag (see review) and ¾ roll

mat. This meant my bag was now lighter and easier to carry. We had been struggling with a location and ended up going quite local to Greenham common. Meeting with Alex, a friend of Tim’s we headed to a quiet corner of the common and found a suitable area to setup for the night.

I’d set my camera up and had short notice that the International Space Station (ISS) was about to pass over, so quickly lined up the camera.


After the ISS i reset the camera to record a time lapse of the camp.


I had a early start in the morning with a coffee before heading home to pick up the kids to run at Newbury parkrun on the same common.




Wittenham clumps – March Microadventure

For March Tim and i planned to meet up with a group from

the Oxfordshire Microadventures Facebook Group.

They had recommended Wittenham Clumps near Didcot. After meeting up

at a local pub for a quick pint we headed up to the hill. It’s quite a steep

walk up the hill to the top but it was worth it for the view. Didcot and it’s

power station to one side and the river and Oxfordshire stretching around

us. At the top of the hill there was a “clump” of beech trees and we found a

clearing in the middle to set up camp. 3 of us were on the ground with bivy

bags, airmats while Dave from the Oxfordshire microadventure group set

up a hammock and tarp.

Once camp was set up we enjoyed some beers and cheese and relaxed and

chatted about pervious adventures and kit.

This time I had a massive rucksack (enter the details) and was able to fit

everything in it. The ground was soft and comfortable and although I woke

a few times during the night to see the stars above I had a good nights


I woke early in the morning for the sunrise and then decided it was too

early and went back to sleep until later.


When we all woke later, the camp was packed up and breakfast of coffee

and porridge (too much water turned it into porridge soup) before the

morning dog walkers came up the hill. We enjoyed the view for the last

time before heading down the hill and home.