Greenham Common Again – September Microadventure

I’ve been having a busy month, starting with cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats for Vodafone Foundation (still need to write that up) so we hadn’t planned this month’s microadventure so well.

The location ended up being decided on the day as the local woods where we have permission to camp and have a fire. But when we arrived there was already a group then with children so we needed a plan B location. We couldn’t think of anything so headed to the pub for a pint and a new plan.

It was dark by now and we decided to head to a location we’d tried before on Greenham Common. We chose a different corpse of woods this time and set up and settled down for some beers and snacks. It was quite a cold night so after a few nightcaps we got into our Bivys and went to sleep.



“AAAARGGHHHHHHH!!!!” it’s the middle of the night and Tim thinks a cow’s about to walk over us! It’s only Nick getting up to go to toilet.

In the morning, we have a brew, some breakfast, make quite a few jokes about Cows  before packing up and heading home. I’m off to parkrun!

IMG_0061 IMG_0058







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